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Café and patisserie Salzburg

In 1884, PAUL FÜRST opened his patisserie on Salzburg’s Alter Markt – more specifically, at Brodgasse 13. A wide range of Austrian pastries and cakes such as classic Sachertorte, Esterházy torte, Dobos torte, cremeschnitte, Parisian Spitz or the ever-popular apple strudel await you.

Enjoy your slice of heaven on our terrace with one of our delicious specialty coffees. We run a coffee house at ALTEN MARKT and MIRABELPLATZ

Seasonal Products

Seasonal and freshly-made

Some of our products change depending on the season. They are made fresh and produced without added preservatives to the greatest extent possible. We deliberately refrain from using hydrogenated vegetable fats (palm oil).

In summer, we treat customers to sundaes that feature our homemade ice cream.
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