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e.g.: rum truffle, coconut truffle, cherry truffle, rowan truffle, vanilla truffle, cognac truffle, layered nougat, pistachio marzipan, Grand Cru, nut-nougat, raspberry nougat, Swiss caramel,...

54 pieces, varies  seasonally

Alcoholic, gluten-free, not vegan

Ingredients: cocoa, sugar, whipped cream, BUTTER, ALMONDS, HAZELNUTS, MILK POWDER, alcohol, vanilla, LECITHIN EMULGATOR, at least 60% cocoa content in the chocolate coating


Made to the highest standards

Carefully selected ingredients form the foundation of the delicate taste of our Original Salzburger Mozartkugel, made with marzipan, pistachios, hazelnut nougat and dark chocolate. Only natural ingredients of the highest quality are chosen for the production of this treat.
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